Pixca de Raíz / Cuernavaca

Tradition in every bite

- Cuernavaca, Morelos. May 17, 2019. 

The traditional taste of Morelos in a contemporary culinary experience. Members of Cuernavaca Bailliage enjoyed a Mexican-Mediterranean menu that involved traditional ingredients from its local cuisine: Morelos state.

Surrounded by the spectacular gardens of "Pixca de Raíz" in Cuernavaca and the natural atmosphere, members from the Cuernavaca Bailliageenjoyed an exquisite experience from Chef Alberto Gómez, who developed this original menu with a story in every dish, creating an unique atmosphere on this tropical paradise.  Our Bailli Mario Castro thanked on behalf of Chaine Des Rottisseurs the special service and delicious menu to all the "Pixca de Raíz" team members and recognized Chef Alberto Gómez for his special culinary talent at his young age.  At the end of the lunch, the manager of Pixca Restaurant gave a tour to all the 17 guests on the 33 acres property where they appreciated the gardens, hotel and organic chicken farm. 



Scallops "Tiradito"

Sliced scallops presented in a colorful plate with acid and sweet touches that balance the flavor of the green mole along with light condiment that harmonizes the protein. // Schulmberger Pinot Gris 

 Stuffed Tortilla filled with shredded duck  

Inspired in the morelos state food, the grasshoppers and duck complement the intensity of the pork rind while the avocado and cheese soothes the palate. // Don Leo Pinot Noir 

 Short Rib with Chilmole (spicy mole) 

The fussion of two Mexican states, Yucatán and Morelos creates the perfect harmony between the spicy of chilmole and texture of the rice complementing the softness of the short rib.  // Chateau Vieux Lartigue Gran Cru. 80% Merlot 20% Cabernet Franc 


An unexpected dessert with a sweet taste of Autumm inside. Pepper shaped ganache on brownie and pumpkin mousse. // Chandon Brut Chardonnay & Pinnot Noir