Chaîne des Rôtisseurs México 50th Aniversario / Puerto Vallarta






The true nature of man to the origins, created the need of the use of alanguage to express his feelings, the use of words , thoughts and emotions. Last year, the spanish gastronomic exprert Xavier Domingo, has reflected with antropologist Faustino Cordón to create the hipothesis that the discovery of  fire and with that food, these facts contributed the the  evolution of the species.

This has taken me to the point to search for a word to express the experience of incomparable and sublime emerged from the degustation of a menú prepared by minds adn inusitated hands.

Cooks had acomplished fully with the precepts of the contemporary couisine.

In old Greece were seven the lengenday cooks, the ancient cooks were the creators. We degustated that night with about dozens. The delicated degustation experience reminded us that Egisde Rodas one of the seven,those dishes were worth to be offered to the gods. The magic that emerged from Vidanta kitchen and well orchestred secuence of culinary creations worth for the ocasion: La Chaine des Rotisseurs 50 anniversary in México event.

The gods assisted  to the perfection the event; perfect weather, fresh wind and slplendid mood. The theme was Wixarica ( Huichol ) culture showing   significant decoration  and not missing music, decorations and its deamons. Guests dressing accordg for the ocassion contributed to the camaraderie enviromen and suprises that awaited for them for a banquet well thought and better performed.

A well dressed  oyster rested in  seasalt bed with a green apple  mignonette next to his guardian: a  shrimp fosil on a corn toast. Maridated with an Italian Alto Adige.

Next dish was a cucumber canelloni filled with callo de hacha and vinagrette tuna the presentation and texture made us remind oriental ciusine where dishes are a symbolic and manual art. The dish was escorted by a sancerre from Valle de loire, caraterized for the smell of a Sauvignon blanc.

The service brigade , with the discipline of a Zouave regiment, professional silence and armonic movements added the fantasy to a memorable ceremony that served unison same when they raised the crockery. During all this a splendid show was performed in the lake.

Particular smell from the oporto sauce for foie gas scalop and beef gizzards, it was able to be identified before even having the dish in the table. The delicate viands looked  over the lentil salad and dehidrated tomato. The dish was served with a french red wine Chateau Barreyres Haut Medoc, Cru Bourgeois. Accompained perfectly and with dignity a properly finished.

Next the fresh cod fish and fake skin rosted and placed over a  coliflower peas

Roasted bed of peas. This White peace of fish and the delicate  keepig in  mind our lamps

We continued with a lingot de Ossobuco and preferred to continue with the same wine and enjoy of a magic combiniation  of smells, flavors  and tastes, That is  gastronomy taken to the next level. Dessert was about a Huichol fantasy : base did with  fruits and the sweetnees of a great pastry chef Thierry  Beuffe.

Almost a thousand persons were served, to the magnificent event the brigada was for around a hundred and fourty people, between kitchen and service brigada. Benny Michaud Chaine member and host was thanked by Thierry Blouet and Madame Marie Jones also by Regional Puerto Vallarta Bailli Andreas Rupprechter.

Finally, I had not found a Word that can make justice to this experience.


Vive la Chaine!


Hector Pèrez

Bailli honorarire du Mexique