Bailliage Puerto Vallarta

"La región es reconocida a nivel internacional como un gran destino gastronómico y una gama amplia de restaurantes de gran nivel."

Mr. Héctor Pérez and Jean Berthelot welcomes you to the BAilliage of Puerto Vallarta, city located in the "Bahía de Banderas", one of the largest bays of the American continent with beautiful beaches and surrounded by the mountains of the western Sierra Madre, covered with tropical vegetation. 


The region is worldwide recognized as a gastronomic destination with a wide range of high-level restaurants. As complementary activites to the events of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs every November is heild the Gourmet Festival that meets international Chefs.


We invite you to participate in our activites shown in the official calendar and visit the affiliated establishments of our Chapitre.


We would be pleased to receive all of our members boards and you iin our events. 


Vive la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs!



Andreas Rupprechter
Regional de Puerto Vallarta


Mesa Directiva

Andreas Rupprechter

Bailli Puerto Vallarta


Carlos Ortiz

Vice Chancelier / Argenitier


Mario Camiro

Vice-Chargé des Missions


Fabrizio Frías

Vice Chargé de Presse


Alberto Pérez G.

Vice- Conseiller Culinaire


Benny Michaud S.

Vice- Conseiller Gastronomique


Bernhard Güth

Vice- Echanson Honorarie


Thierry Blouet

Balli Honoraire


Luis Reyes Brambila

Chargé de Presse Honorarire


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