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Bailliage Cuernavaca

Welcome to our Chapitre, located in

the Eternal Spring City: Cuernavaca

Our region located in the center of the country attracts tourists and distinguished people since the time of Aztecs.

Emperors, entrepreneurs, artists and intellectuals have chosen Cuernavaca as their residence or resting place, enjoying the rich culinary diversity of the city. The Cuernavaca Chapitre was founded 50 years ago and seeks to integrate the values of the Chaine Des Rotisseurs in our beautiful community. 

We hope that on this page you can know our program and activites, as well as the members board. It will be a pleasure to meet you.


Vive la Chaine!

Mario Castro
Bailli Cuernavaca


Members Board

Mario Castro 



Eduardo Topete Vargas

Vice Chancelier / Argenitier



Marco Albarrán

Vice Chargé de Presse



Vice Conseiller Gastronomique



Vice Chargé des Missions


Vice- Conseiller Culinaire


Diana Doblado López

Vice Echanson



Dinner "Pop Up"

Bailli Delegué: Mario Castro 

The first dinner of the year with 40 guests, including members, couples and guests enjoying a welcome cocktail in the terrace on top of a corporate building with a view to the city. Enjoying a splendid dinner outdoor served by Chef Guy Santoro from Almara Restaurant, President of Vatel Club Mexico and Conseiller Culinaire


The event was a pleasant surprise for members that compared it to a “Pop up restaurant” experience, something new in Cuernavaca. 

We want to hear from you, 

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